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A Letter to my Son.

Hey handsome, I am pretty certain you have a smirk on your face and you are probably thinking “how did I end up with such an extra (please insert whatever term is being used in your generation) cheesy mother. I know, I know. Who still writes letters in the 21st century? Do not judge me. I want… Continue reading A Letter to my Son.


Dying to Lust 101.

Dying to Lust 101. Please. Do not Judge us. The first novel was the bait Picked it up and the imaginations ran wild Page 102 or was it 103? Read the novel once But those pages we read a hundred times. The fantasies overstayed their welcome Till we became award winning porn producers in the thought-industry. The… Continue reading Dying to Lust 101.


How NOT to “Toast” a Christian Sister. 

'Damola's Modern Dictionary :  Toast /'tëûst/ - To approach someone  with the intention of having a romantic long term relationship. Synonyms: chyke, pre-ronze...😂 Disclaimer:  The light-skinned dude above suggested a similar topic for this write-up. It is for this reason his image was used (plus, Nigerian culture is beautiful). The image above does not in anyway… Continue reading How NOT to “Toast” a Christian Sister. 


Twenty Things I have learnt in my early 20s. 

Randoms: Just had the big hair chop, so I've been doing a lot of reflections <don't ask me how it relates>. BTW,  who still uses collage edits in this century - A doesnt-care-about-trends-awkward-african-girl😑  Photocredit: my 6-footer twin brother. 😂 Back to the topic.  20 things I have learnt...  1. Christ is enough <scratch that>. He… Continue reading Twenty Things I have learnt in my early 20s. 





Sometimes it takes a fine boy’s stare, other times an open admiration from a girl,
A 5k make-up item, a revealing dress in dollars, heels in pounds, hair from another continent, likes in zeros, whistles and party-invites to make you feel beautiful.
But beyond that, when the lights go dim, when the show is over, when everyone leaves and you are all that remains, Without the weave, without the body enhancers and the makeup, then you crack up over the genuine moments you have made;

The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you just cannot pronounce a word,
The way you smile, your silly face in a selfie.
Your crazy food combinations, your flaws and cake flops.

Your stretch marks that look like your favorite animal,
Your birthmark so unique you wish you could show it to the world.
The sit up and squat routines you…

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Tunde T. Amao


Hello my friends.

First post of 2016! We thank God for entering the new year safe and sound!

This topic has been on my head and heart for a while now, and I thought I should get it down on paper and discuss what discernment is, why it is very important and finally talk about how to be able to discern better.

As Christians, we all need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit; be in alignment with Jesus and consult the heavenly Father when making our day to day decisions. It could be anything; prospective relationships, choice of friends – the list goes on.

To begin, we’ll start off with a definition of the word:


(taken from dictionary.com)





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Baby Boo -Kennie Takuro


Not a purple tale
Not a tiny fairy
Not a plausible reason
For why i fell…
Couldn’t let you know
That you were my Romeo
Enveloped by the fear
That I was far from Juliet
With no missing glass slipper
Still I longed to be your Cinderella…
It’s a little too soon
But I want my prettier little versions
To have your endless love for the Saviour
And definitely that unique assiduity
Yes, I don’t think you’re handsome
Cos to me, you’re prettier than beautiful…
Still find it hard to believe
That the paranoia was contemporaneous
That weird moment
My fairy godmother must have been lurking
I had never seen you so sure
Yet, I had never seen you so shy
You tried to pass a message
Yet, every statement you obfuscated
After all your babblings
Not using the regular three words
You said five and a half ginormous magical…

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